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Take an active role in maintaining good breast health.

Make breast health a priority. Establish a pattern of routine mammography, have ongoing physical exams with your physician and be aware of any changes in your breast.

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What increases breast cancer risk? 

  • Risk increases with age 
  • Personal history of breast abnormalities or cancer 
  • Number of first-degree family members with breast or ovarian cancer 
  • Menopause at a late age 
  • Having had children later in life (after 30) or never having had a pregnancy 
  • Prior radiation therapy 
  • Exposure to Diethylstilbestrol (DES), given in the 1940s-60s to try to decrease the chance of miscarriages 
  • Dense breast tissue 
  • Alcohol consumption of two to five drinks daily 
  • Obesity, especially for women after menopause